Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are very popular and are a sleek and simple design. They come in a range of colours and textures and include either a sheer or matte version. These look great on their own or coupled with a Roman blind or Sheer curtain for extra depth.

White venetians

Venetian Blinds

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For a stylish addition to your home, shutters come in outdoor or indoor varieties. The wooden versions include Poplar wood which is a heavy duty material often used for wet areas as it won't crack or peel. Plantation shutters and Basswood shutters are also very popular. These can be installed in a range of ways depending on the space.

PVC shutters cut down maintenance costs and will typically last longer than the wooden varieties.

Aluminium shutters are ideal for outdoor areas and come in a variety of styles and colours.


Venetians come in a range of materials, including cedar, basswood, aluminium and PVC. Colours can also be chosen to suit your design preferences.


Whether a traditional or modern home, our indoor blinds will suit a range of design preferences

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are custom made in a range of fabrics to suit the look of your home. For those with a flair for design, these can be matched to the furnishings of the room and can be the focal point.


Additional features can be added to the blinds such as a pelmet box which can be matched in the same fabric. Our consultants can discuss the range of options available. 


Dual Roller Blinds

The versatility of a dual system enables the option of blockout providing privacy when required; and a sheer blind which still allows in maximum light.

internal ziptraks 2.jpg

Internal Ziptrak® blinds

Track guided internal Ziptrak® blinds ensure total block out of light. Great for shift workers, light sleepers, or for children's bedrooms. Or use for a home theatre.

These are adjustable to any height without the use of a cord or chain so very child friendly.

Great for residential or commercial properties.

Provides exceptional insulation.